Angela Huser - Coach, Mentor, Supervisor

Angela Huser

Coach, Mentor, Supervisor

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Angela is an HR professional, talent manager and business coach focussed on career advancement and growth. Passionate about her clients' bigger game. Angela Huser - Coach, Mentor, Supervisor


Welcome to my profile and congratulations to the first step - saying yes. 

My area of expertise is career advancement and growth. All things business, all things challenges in dealing with employees, bosses, politics and most of all, navigating your own mind. 

You are likely my ideal client if you like a good game. You are driven and ambitious. You are an explorer, traditional in manner, non-traditional in mindset. Constantly striving for improvement and becoming a better person. 

As your coach, I will hold you accountable for being in your zone of genius. Including clearing out what is no longer working. 

Your topics: 
  • Executive Presence, Visibility
  • Personal brand and authenticity
  • Self-confidence and impostor syndrome
  • Women in Business
  • Boundary setting, communication, conflict
  • Influence and negotiations
  • Parallels between business and sex
  • Masculine and feminine leadership principles
  • Ego death

For women a strong focus is on topics like perfectionism, saying no, confidence and visibility. 

About the process:  

Everything starts with a conversation. Before making a proposal, I ask you to block 1.5h of your time to get to know each other, talk about your situation and desired change. You can expect this to be a tipping point and a full-on coaching session which will give you an experience of what it looks like to work with me. 

Based on match, you'll receive a proposal starting from 3 session. Typically I work with half a year coaching assignments. Optionally a manager- and/or HR check-in is added. This is to address blindspots and incorporate feedback critical to your advancement. HR is involved to potentially follow-up on next career steps. Shadow coaching based on request. 

About me

Business is about relationships and so there are a couple of things I'd like you to know about me: I am a seeker of intensity and experiences keen to expand comfort zones. A former change manager of large scale HRIT projects, now focussed on change at the individual level. A witch and rebel in many ways with the sensitivity to navigate minds, hearts, corporate settings and personal relationships. And finally: Business is my path of wakeup. 

For more credentials check my LinkedIn. Curious?

Let's start a conversation! 

Keywords: Business coaching, career coaching, leadership coaching, change management, karriere, ledelse. 


Christine, CEO, global company - ""Angela is the perfect combo for me: She helps me tap into my inner tiger, to listen to my gut, and remember the benefits of having both head and heart guiding me in my processes. She makes me feel at ease, while pushing and challenging me and leaves me relaxed and charged.""  Læs mere  Læs mindre

Suzanne Mullvehill, President Miami Tropical Pants - ""You are a change agent. You assist change and in doing so you help companies increase their profits. You help managers clarify and set healthy boundaries and run an efficient organisation. You increase the bottom line by helping enforce healthy behaviour in corporations." "  Læs mere  Læs mindre

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