Online terapi og coaching via GoMentor 24/7

GoMentor 24/7 Light 149 kr. /uge Tilmeld

Skriv ubegrænset med mig 2 dage om ugen, når du har tid og lyst.

GoMentor 24/7 Basic 199 kr. /uge Tilmeld

Skriv ubegrænset med mig, når du har tid og lyst og få svar alle hverdage (man.-fre.)

GoMentor 24/7 Live 349 kr. /uge Tilmeld

Skriv ubegrænset med mig, når du har tid og lyst og få svar alle hverdage (man.-fre.). Inkluderer 2 x 30 min. videosamtale eller live-chat pr. måned.

GoMentor 24/7 Video 299 kr. /uge Tilmeld

Afhold videosamtale med mig, når du har tid og lyst, alle hverdage (man.-fre.). Inkluderer 4 x 30 min. videosamtale pr. måned.


Best value coaching 10 x 60 min sessions; personalised exercises/tools and written contact (GoMentor videosession) 5.000 kr. Aftal tid

If you are committed to make the desired changes in your life, this is the best value coaching. Between the sessions there will be a correspondence email, to keep track and review your learning and development. Journalling and other exercises/tools will be chosen to fit your journey and challenge. The payment is required in advance of the sessions. No refund if you cancel a session less than 24 hours before the appointment. 

Coaching package with personalised exercises/tools and correspondence between 6 sessions. (GoMentor videosession) 4.000 kr. Aftal tid

If you are committed to make the desired changes in your life, this is a good value coaching. Between the sessions there will be a correspondence email, to keep track and review your learning and development. Journalling and other exercises/tools will be chosen to fit your journey and challenge. The payment is required in advance of the sessions. If cancellation later than 24 hours before session, the session will not be refundable. 

Coaching package with 4 coaching sessions and personalised work and tools in-between sessi (GoMentor videosession) 2.500 kr. Aftal tid

Get good value. 4 sessions with work/tools as required inbetween the sessions. Payment before the session and if cancellation is less than 24 hours there will be a full charge of the missed session. 

Coaching package with 2 sessions with personalised exercises/tools and correspondence bet (GoMentor videosession) 1.500 kr. Aftal tid

2 coaching sessions. Journalling and other exercises/tools will be chosen to fit your journey and challenge. The payment is required in advance of the sessions. No refund if you cancel a session less than 24 hours before the appointment.

One off coaching session. (GoMentor videosession) 800 kr. Aftal tid

Hos GoMentor foregår alle online-samtaler via en sikker og stabil videoløsning, som er udviklet specifikt til brug for bl.a. psykologer, psykoterapeuter og coaches.

Fordelene er bl.a. ingen fysiske begrænsninger, og at der ofte er billigere og kortere ventetider. GoMentors platform til online-samtaler er stabil og sikker (krypteret), hvilket betyder, at sikkerheden og fortroligheden er i top. Løsningen er godkendt af Dansk Psykoterapeutforening.

Udover vores online videoløsning har du også mulighed for at tilmelde dig vores GoMentor 24/7-service, hvor du kan skrive med din personlige mentor gennem 4 forskellige abonnementer. Denne online platform er også krypteret for at sikre, at samtalerne mellem dig og din mentor er fortrolige.

Online-samtaler kræver en internetforbindelse og kan tilgås fra PC, Mac eller vores app til iOS og Android.

GoMentor 24/7 er en online platform, der tilbyder online terapi og rådgivning. GoMentor 24/7 fungerer på samme måde som traditionel terapi og rådgivning. Den eneste forskel er, at sessionerne på GoMentor 24/7 afholdes online, hvor du både har mulighed for at skrive og tale om din situation og dine problemer gennem videoopkald eller beskeder og livechats, afhængigt af hvilket abonnement du vælger.

Med GoMentor 24/7 sparer du tid og penge. Du behøver ikke at møde fysisk op, hvilket giver dig mere fleksibilitet i din kalender. Sidst men ikke mindst er det en billigere løsning end traditionel terapi med fremmøde.

Fordele ved online-rådgivning:

  • Du har direkte adgang til kvalificeret hjælp fra både psykologer, psykoterapeuter og coaches
  • Du kan forvente en nem måde at kommunikere med din mentor på - chat og / eller videoopkald via sikker og krypteret platform.
  • Du kan tale med din personlige mentor, uanset hvor du er.
  • Du kan planlægge sessioner, når som helst det passer dig.
  • Du kan forvente svar hurtigt – inden for 24 timer
  • Traditionel rådgivning er generelt dyrere end online terapi.
  • Du sparer tid ved ikke at skulle afsted til et fysisk fremmøde.
  • Du modtager svar inden for højst 24 timer. Du behøver ikke vente dage eller uger med at tale med en psykolog, hvilket ofte er tilfældet ved konsultationer med fremmøde.

Personal and Professional Development Mindset and Confidence Coach. Anne-Mette Nielsen - ID Life coach, Coach


Hello and Very Welcome.

So happy that you are here and giving yourself a chance to get to a better place

You are taking the first step to move forward towards the life you desire. Stepping towards solving what is in your way by facing it and seeking the help you need to move forward. Well done!

It can be hard, but trying to hide from the problem and keeping up the facade is really hard and exhausting. You do not have to be on your own and a big Well Done again for taking this step. 

I really hope we will meet and you can tell me what it is that you want to be better in your life and I can help you to get there. This is why I am here. I have also sought help in my life and am so happy that I did that and that I now am here and ready to work with you. 


What is happening in your life right now - any of these things?

  • You might be at cross-roads, needing to make a decision - but which one do you choose...
  • You might be unhappy about something in your life or decided that you want to live your life fully- maybe in relation to your relationship (s); your family; your work; your studies; your project. 
  • Your health might worry you.
  • You might have lost your job and now is your chance to find something that you would really love.  
  • You  might just want to get away from your problem, but not knowing how or where to go..
  • You might be ambitious but you keep on not getting there... you wonder what is stopping you.... 
  • You might feel that you are wearing a mask - and have forgotten who you are - or who you want to be..
  • You might be in a place in life where it is time to really get to know yourself

The conversations you are having with yourself might not at all be kind.

  •  Nobody would want me!
  •  Better not try - I am sure I cannot do it!
  • I can't get anything right, always messing things up!
  • I am so stupid - not talented/cleaver enough !
  • I am boring nobody would want to listen to me!
  • I am not good enough!
  • I should not have said that - what would people think of me!
  • Nobody likes me anyway!
  • I have not got time to take care of myself - I am not important enough!

Is that your story? I am here if you want to work out a much better story about yourself. Maybe you ...

• Want to be more confident in the decisions that you are taking…

• Want to feel better about yourself…imagine being kind to yourself, what would that feel like…

• Want to find what is really meaningful to you…

• Want to learn to manage the challenges in life much better…

• Want to really start living life to the full…

• Want to be in this great relationship or great job…


How I work:

I am an empathic, intuitive, respectful, honest and holistic coach.

  • I will be committed to working with you.
  • I will listen deeply to you and ask your questions to reflect about what you are saying or not saying.
  • I will be a mirror for you to open up to see your potential, your strengths as well as your difficulties, your creativity  and solutions.
  • I will help you get in touch with yourself and start to feel calm and in peace and gain clarity of thought.

• I will be there for you.

• I will hold a safe space for you. 

• I will respect you and not judge you or your journey.

• I will help you find a way to navigate away from the darkness and all that has been keeping you stuck and trapped all this time and out into the light.

• I know that we can find a way together – you will know that I will walk you, believe in you, cheer you and encourage you. I will be your cheerleader !

These are some of the areas I can help with:

Corona - lock down/coming out of Lock Down - readjusting to the new world - creating and choosing your new world. 

Transitions - including living in different countries; work; relationships; health; loss

Feeling stuck

Relationships - with self and others. 




Progress making in your personal and professional life;





Meaningful/existential questions

Goal setting/management;

Burn out;



About Me

My name is Anne-Mette and I grew up in a small town in Denmark and I have since the age of 19 been living in London where I am enjoying the diverse and multicultural society. 

I know personally, that making choices can be very difficult, that we may avoid them for a long time or sometimes we may not even think that we have choices. We play safe – do you know what I mean? I have found that coaching for me has reinforced that I have choice and that I am responsible for my life. I also have accepted that in order that I can live my life and best be the person that I want to be, that I had to learn about myself through having a coach to work with who was doing what I now am offering to do for you. Who is in charge and responsible for your life? Contact me and let's talk about how I can help you. 

I would love working with you and see you grow and your vision becoming clear and hear your voice becoming confident as you shout out with confidence and conviction : “I am responsible for my life and this is what I am going to do, I know I can do it! ”.

More about me: I started coaching in 2017. My background is in mental health and in social work. I have a degree in Counselling and Psychology and in Social Work. I live with my partner, our two girls and a cat.

I am passionate about personal development for my clients and for me. Being authentic, you being YOU and me being ME is something I strongly believe in. I have invested in coaching and therapy in my adult life to help me to really be me. 

I continue to train and educate myself. My coaching training, for the Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching training is with The Coaching Academy, a long standing and established training provider accredited by the International Coaching Federation.

I have done Reiki training and at the end of last year I enjoyed a course on Mindfulness and Self-compassion. I am also currently doing a course on Mastering Your Mindset and importantly I love journalling and gratitude and abundance practice. I will bring in what-ever fits you and your situation. 

I also love Yoga, Tai Chi, cats, dogs, animals  - I also love nature - trees, lakes and the sea - love being outdoors.

Last year I made the choice to fully commit to what I love doing – so available on a full time basis to coach and work with you on your journey of growth and discovery. Working to support and enable you to make the transformation that you desire in order that you feel happy living your chosen life.

I write in English, as my Danish is a bit rough after many years living abroad, and my preference is speaking and writing in English - if that works with you - and I am happy for you to speak or write in Danish or English as you prefer.

You may wonder if you should/should not reach out to me now. The decision is yours, I can only say that nobody so far has regretted reaching out to me and there is nothing to lose - there is no obligation in having a chat with me to see how we might work and get on together. 

The only regrets I have heard is having let time slip by, "staying safe" with what is familiar but being unhappy and dissatisfied.

Don't take my word for it. Have a look at the testimonials to hear from the words of my clients how they benefitted from coaching with me. You might also want to check my details on 

Reach out to me now and we will talk.  


Anthony Nwanery - "Since having Anne-Mette i have seen a tremendous change in the way i approach certain, ventures. I feel so much more clearly about my thoughts on what i want to do with myself and who I want to be, but even more important;y i know why I am doing the things i am. I have been able to take massive action due to the coaching session we have and through the bi-weekly updates, I have been able to stay on task and accomplished the things that I have set out to do. I have gained so much clarity about the sort of person that I want to be. My organization skill has massively improved, as well as my time management. On top of this, I felt like i was cared for and wasn’t judged regardless of what i said which is something that is truly a nice experience. Through the 4 sessions, I feel like I am now on the right path and have a clear direction that I can follow to reach my goals!"  Læs mere  Læs mindre

Caroline Molaney - "Anne-Mette is an extremely intuitive, caring and encouraging coach. Her powerful questioning techniques have been invaluable in gaining insight and clarity and insight into what it is that I truly desire, as well as what could be stopping me from achieving my goals. Anne-Mette has used a variety of powerful tools and techniques in order to help to raise my self awareness and uncover my answers. Anne-Mette approached each and every one of our sessions in a non-judgemental and sensitive manner and has successfully assisted me in the creation of practical, step-by-step action plans to reach my goals. At the beginning of each session, Anne-Mette has provided on-going support by encouraging a review of the actions that I had taken and to look at any obstacles that I may have encountered along the way. Looking back from when we started working together, I know that I've become much more confident when listening to and trusting my own intuition and in expressing my true feelings and desires without fear. As a result, my key relationships have gained a great deal in openness and trust. My daily life has also become more balanced and I am able to clearly focus on the things that are important to me. Thank you Anne-Mette for the wonderful insight, support and encouragement. "  Læs mere  Læs mindre

Taig Frony-O'Shea - "My coaching sessions with Anne-Mette really helped me re-establish what I want to achieve in life, step by step: what this means for me in 10 years, 5 years, by the time I leave university in one year, and what that means for me this coming week and the next. She really made me question a lot of things about myself and my outlook and desires, dig deep and pull answers out of me I didn’t know I had. In addition to getting me thinking more than ever before and really helping me to find out more about myself, Anne-Mette also worked with me to devise practical solutions/ways forward to better myself in every time frame, sometimes working backwards from larger, longer term goals but also helping me practically with the week ahead, and next steps. After my last coaching session, I felt motivated, re-energised, confident and extremely positive about myself, my ambitions, my productivity and just my overall general well-being and outlook. I would highly recommend Anne-Mette and life coaching sessions to anyone looking to improve themselves in any way. "  Læs mere  Læs mindre

Claire Cowan - "I would say there were a couple of critical areas for me to look into in order to better manage my life. Anne-Mette helped me explore these in potential different scenarios and more importantly was able to encourage me to see how, by managing situations differently, I was able to benefit greater in both work and personal events. Enabling the ability to make decisions easier, not worry as excessively and have a far calmer approach to events I had previously found stressful. I have learned that I am more resilient than I thought I could be, again in both personal and professional arena’s. Anne-Mette has been lovely to work with. Gently encouraging me to find answers, where previously I could not see positive outcomes. It has been a very positive experience and valuable in my personal development, which as an adult I did not believe, would be possible to this extent. "  Læs mere  Læs mindre

Joanne Baker - "OVERALL IMPACT OF COACHING SESSIONS: I sought out coaching because I was stuck in a post-motherhood career rut and was struggling to get past an ever-revolving list of things that ‘needed’ to be done before I could make a decision and start doing something. I had done coaching before and knew that having the space and time to think only about myself is a really useful and valuable thing, and having someone without any personal investment in my decisions to support me and hold me to account is nigh on essential. Coaching has reminded me that ‘the answers’ are within me, I just need a little help to listen to myself when the subject is me. Right from the first session Anne-Mette guided me to pin down where I see myself in my ideal future and what I can do to get myself there. She encouraged me to take the leap and get back into the workshop to test my skills and re-establish my confidence that I can do it. She challenged me to have potentially uncomfortable conversations, and to have confidence in myself and my position while having them. I have found the coaching sessions a lot less personally challenging than I remembered, possibly because I came into it more open to trusting the process, but that has made it no less effective - within a matter of a couple of months I am back doing something that brings me real pleasure, with the confidence to dedicate myself to making it work as a career. More than four years into motherhood this feels like a ridiculously quick breakthrough! "  Læs mere  Læs mindre

Hvis du eller en anden person er i fare eller har selvmordstanker, bør du ikke benytte GoMentor. Disse instanser kan hjælpe dig med øjeblikkelig hjælp.