Can you say NO?

Skrevet d. 19-2-2020 11:38:57 af Birgitte Andersen - Psykoterapeut MPF

I believe that being honest with others, is a sign of trust and respect. However, expresseing your honest oppinion or setting up boundaries, can be a very anxiety provoking thing to do.

In fact, it can be so incredibly difficult and stressful to state your oppinion or say 'NO', that you end up not expressing yourself and accepting whatever the other person wants.

Even if you know that it will cause you grief later on. Afterwards, you may blame yourself for not being able to set up your boundaries. However, it is no coincidence that this is anxiety provoking.

There is always a reason for the way we feel, even if we are not aware of what it is. As we explore your ability to set boundaries and take your emotional needs seriously, I may ask you, "what is stopping you from saying no?" It is often the case that a client has become so accustomed to suppressing his or her needs and feelings, that they no longer are aware of them or can even feel them.

Nevertheless, to be able to have a meaningful life, it is crucial to get back in touch with your emotions, needs and values. With the help of a therapist, we can work to strengthen your sense of self and your ability to notice what you want and what you don't want.

Setting boundaries and standing by yourself in an honest and friendly way, is conducive to better and happier relationships - both in relation to how your relationship to yourself and that of others.

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