The Light thinking concept

Skrevet d. 15-8-2018 14:49:28 af Lisa L. Froholdt, Ph.D. - Coach, Stresscoach, Terapeut, Business coach

Light Thinking is a new concept that I have been working with. It entails precisely that kind of mindset where you have a better hold of your thought processes, because you learn to be more aware of them as they arise, and you learn how to 'feather' them, giving them lightness, as you acknowledge that they are there in your mind, and they float away from your focus, releasing energy that you can put to better and more positive use.

Come and hear more about this at my upcoming workshop, Light thinking, Saturday, 22 September, 13-16 at Marienlyst hotel in Helsingør!

I hope I see you there, Lisa                                                                                                                                S

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