Are you tired of dragging those heavy or negative thoughts around with you all the time?

Skrevet d. 8-8-2018 13:19:59 af Lisa L. Froholdt, Ph.D. - Coach, Stresscoach, Terapeut, Business coach

...then read here!

Do you feel like its easier for others to be happy?

And do you find it difficult to just let go, take it easy and enjoy life because of heavy and/or negative thoughts in your mind?

If you are just about fed up with those thoughts and would really like to understand what’s going on and find tools to help you manage them, then check out more about my latest workshop offer!

Through meditation, exercises and sessions about thinking processes, you will get concrete tools to take home with you so you can be more conscious about how to stop yourself and enable more Light thinking!

You will:
* Learn about thought processes
* Practice methods to transform your thinking.
* Enjoy afternoon tea & coffee, cake & water throughout the workshop.
* Enjoy a sublime surrounding with breathtaking views of the Oresound. 

The workshop will take place at the exquisite beach hotel Marienlyst Hotel. There will be room for eighteen people only. Please use the booking online account on this website.
I look forward to seeing you there :)

I really hope that I will see you there, but hurry, there is only a limited amount of seats!

Best regards, Lisa

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